Dark Age of Camelot
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When you next visit the site you will be asked to log in again. Your original authentication details will still work and be retained on our new system. If, in the future, you change your email or password you will now be required to log in again at that time.

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EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday June 27, 2017


  • Guild Experience now increases by a linear amount above level 150, instead of an increasing curve. This means the experience required for each level above 150 has decreased, and some guilds will see a retroactive increase in their guild level.


  • Channeler and Beastlord classes are now available.
  • Research is now available.
  • Collectible nodes (shinies) may now only be seen if you are within 10 adventure or tradeskill levels of the zone the node is located in.


  • Fixed a bug where Max Melee and Max Magical Hit were exceeding limits for character exports.


  • The reward for defeating the final boss in a heroic Proving Ground has been increased from 2 to 5 Marks of Glory.

Vaedenmoor: Heart of Nightmares [Raid]

  • Territus should no longer cause the spell "Mark of Nobility" to damage ally pets.
  • Baliath should now take longer to start regenerating after he leaves the playable area and returns.
  • Corrected an issue where if you had the Golden Recognition spell on, you could not execute that part of the script the spell implies.

Chamber of Rejuvenation [Raid]

  • Trakanon no longer forces a tank swap. Swapping tanks is now fully up to the fighters engaged in the encounter.
  • Detonators should now auto-engage the raid instead of waiting till they are damaged.

Arcanna'se Spire: Order and Chaos [Raid]

  • Added messaging to Shanaira the Prestigious' spell combo phase for feedback purposes. Correctly countering her powerful magic should now point out which spells were used as well as who completed the combo.


  • Completed the first pass on an overall damage output adjustment for all classes. These changes have a separate modifier on live, time-locked, and Proving Grounds servers, so that they can be separately adjusted.

Fallen Gate

  • Channeler heals heal for a percentage of the targets max health on the Fallen Gate server. Percentage heals are increased by the spells level and tier, but do not benefit from caster stats.


  • The Shining Metallic Robe should now be correctly referred to as "Shining" in all instances.
  • Will of the Stormhammers - Brelaine will now break the dwemer for those who may have died or lost connection between approaching the Stone of Kaladim and watching her work her magic.
  • A Mind of My Own - Yapsnarl kobolds are drawn to the bowl of Terratrodder chuck much sooner now.
  • Secrets of Runnyeye - Players that do not yet know Goblish are now able to spawn and fight the Book of Baylzuthak.
  • Secrets of Runnyeye - Players that do not yet know Goblish are not able to read the Book of Baylzuthak, but are given direction to learn the language.
  • A Clockwork Snoop - Gnome Observatrons are removed from the player's inventory when the quest is deleted.
  • A Water Tight Case - The underwater chest now provides text when players have "A Water Tight Case" but not "A Crusade to Faydwer."
  • A Stealthy Guarding - Quest now updates consistently for the group when the mob of Blackscale terror attackers are defeated.
  • Return of the Light - The Lucanic Knight Initiate can no longer be damaged until a certain event transpires.
  • Kaesora: Xalgozian Stronghold [Heroic and Solo]: Spirit Shepherd - The lost spirits will more reliably follow you.
  • Claiming the Goblish Tongue - Goblins in Runnyeye: The Gathering, Nu'roga, and Twark now have a chance to drop a Goblin Territory Marker.

Time-Locked Servers

  • Lian Augren's mail entitled "A Gathering Obsession" will now only be sent once the Isle of Mara is available.


  • Heritage items have been rebalanced across the board. In addition to new stats, several heritage quests that offered rewards only to specific classes now offer a selection of rewards.
  • Damaged items in an equipment set will now have the damaged back-glow appearance instead of the equipment set back-glow.
  • Two-handed weapons should now have double the stat bonuses of one handed weapons of the same level and quality.
  • Velious: Several collection rewards have been updated so that their stats are in line with progression.
  • Velious: Several collection rewards have been updated so that their stats are in line with progression.
  • Corrected an issue with Sarya Val'Sara that prevented her from selling the Drake of the Grove and Burnie.
  • Corrected an issue with Celestial Gate that could prevent it from activating after dying until the caster zones or un-equipped and re-equipped the rune.

June 21st Patch Notes

June 21, 2017


*** Highlights ***

- Updated many items in Hardcore Heritage Sebillis (see Items section).

*** Items ***

- Serisaria's Pearl Stud: Fixed the unprintable character in the lore text.
- Added cleave to Darkened Sebilite Scale Vambraces .
- Added ferocity to Darkened Dark Scale Greaves and Darkened Sebilite Scale Leggings.
- Darkened Ebon Mace and Darkened Sword of the Morning now have increased damage.
- The spell on Darkened Breath of Harmony should no longer break Melody.
- Runed Helm of Strategy now has 41% haste.
- Collection items for Medal from the Living will now drop from humanoid undead in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay instead of NPCs in Arx Mentis and Plane of Sky.
- The following items now have a shared recast timer for their click effect: Darkened Cobalt Bracer, Darkened Blood Ember Bracer, Darkened Jaundiced Bone Bracer, Darkened Tolan's Darkwood Vambraces, Darkened Deepwater Vambraces, Darkened Mrylokar's Helm, Darkened Donal's Bracer of Mourning, and Darkened Elder Spiritist's Helm.
- Darkened Trakanon's Malleus, Darkened Trakanon's Claw, and Darkened Trakanon's Femur now have raid level damage ratios.
- Reduced the cast time on many of the Sebilis Hardcore Heritage items. In many cases, this also entailed adding a recast timer to prevent spamming.
- Tendon Slice, a worn effect on some items, now has block as a trigger skill in addition to parry.

*** Quests And Events ***

- There are now Hunter and Raid achievements for Scars of Velious, Shadows of Luclin, Planes of Power, and Legacy of Ykesha.
- Updated the Hunter and Raid achievements for Ruins of Kunark zones.
- The guild tutorial quest will now properly add you to 'Novices of Brekt' on the Brekt server.
- Access to Asylum of Anguish - A Cunning Dragorn in the Sewers of Dranik and the Insidious Dragorn in the Dranik Catacombs no longer have placeholders and are now guaranteed to spawn in all three versions of these instances. They now carry six signets, but will not respawn. 
- Taskmistress Krisz (Raid) - Taskmistress Krisz no longer waits for 30 minutes between each leg of her journey around Riwwi.
- Taskmistress Krisz (Raid) - The dialogues on Pixtt Uxnikk and Pixtt Kekken now indicate that you need one group to spawn Taskmistress Krisz, not three. 
- Reef of Coirnav (Plane of Water) - Addressed the following issues with the Fishlord Craiyk/Lezom events:
- - Fixed a bug that caused various anglerfish to get stuck and prevent the event from progressing as intended.
- - Increased the chance that fierce, ferocious, or furious anglerfish will spawn.
- - Reduced the time between anglerfish spawns from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.
- Made the following adjustments and fixes to Hunter and Conqueror achievements:
- - Conquerer of the Hole - Added an achievement for slaying Nortlav the Scalekeeper. This achievement will become available when the achievement for slaying Master Yael is no longer available.
- - Hunter of The Castle Mistmoore - Renamed a specific 'a werewolf' to 'a werewolf gypsy' and updated the achievement label to reflect this change.
- - Hunter of Feerrott - Fixed a typo where the 'Tae Ew Archon' and 'Tae Ew Templar' were swapped.
- - Hunter of Freeport Sewers - Will now be hidden until Prophecy of Ro unlocks on progression servers.
- - Hunter of Jaggedpine Forest - Two of the three versions of 'A Potameid Matriarch' have been renamed 'A Potameid Dame' and 'A Potameid Matron'. These creatures have been added to the achievement.
- - Hunter of The Plane of Hate - Added 'an ashenbone broodmaster' and 'thought destroyer' to this achievement.
- - Hunter of Timorous Deep - Removed Captain Crag, Captain Velinos, Chartsman Longneck, Chartsman Tallbones, First Mate Daggerfist, and First Mate Morgan from this achievement.
- - Hunter of The Warsliks Woods - Removed 'Gibold Goblin Stomper' from this achievement.
- - Ruinslayer - Renamed the 'Veteran Hunter of Kunark' achievement to 'Ruinslayer' and corrected an issue with the 'Hunter of Kurn's Tower' component.
- Hardcore Heritage - The Trakanon raid will again use the spell Ennui of the Dead instead of Mire of Crimson Mists II and Oppression of Thule.
- Hardcore Heritage - The zone experience modifier in hardcore Sebilis has been increased.

*** Spells ***

- Song: Saryrn's Scream of Pain is now available on Minstrel Silnon when Planes of Power unlocks.
- Berserker - Reduced the effectiveness of Disconcerting Discipline so that it better fits its intended role as an enhancement for sustained damage rather than being the best discipline to use under most situations.

*** AA ***

- Shadowknight - Fixed a bug that caused ranks 4, 6, 13, and 26 of Leech Touch to deal rank 1 damage rather than the intended amount of damage.

*** NPCs ***

- Considering an NPC will now indicate if that NPC is 'Rare'.
- NPC names are now automatically capitalized at the beginning of sentences. This applies to consider messages, aggro, death, victory texts, all combat messages, and more.
- Efreeti Lord Djarn in Nagafen's Lair has returned to his fire appearance. The fire djinn look is so hot right now.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing some Kod`Taz NPCs from summoning as they should.
- Corrected an issue where some NPCs in Old Commonlands and Crypt of Sul appeared as default humans.
- Rare and boss NPCs in Charasis can no longer be charmed.
- Chardok: The Halls of Betrayal - The three different rare creatures named 'a rabid chokidai' have been given unique names. 
- Dalnir - The three different rare creatures named 'a kly imprecator' have been given unique names. 
- Kurn's Tower - The three different rare creatures named 'thick boned skeleton' have been given unique names.
- The two different rare creatures named 'Velketor's Experiment' and 'Failed Experiment' in Velketor's Labyrinth have been given unique names.
- Fixed a bug where Nintal in Western Wastes would drop Bufa's Talisman rather than his own talisman.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Alerts for Hot Zones will not display until The Serpent's Spine has unlocked.
- Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere (Quest) - The Ghoul of Takish-Hiz is now restricted to the unlock of Lost Dungeons of Norrath.
- Many quest items used for quests that aren't available until the Planes of Power will no longer drop until the Planes of Power has unlocked on the server.
- Raster of Guk is no longer restricted to the unlocking of Kunark.
- The achievement 'Hunter of Veeshan's Peak (Enhanced)' will now replace the non-enhanced achievement with Dragons of Norrath instead of Lost Dungeons of Norrath. Note: If the non-enhanced achievement is completed before Dragons of Norrath launches, it will remain visible.
- Plane of Sky - The Hand of Veeshan and Overseer of Air will no longer spawn when the instance of this zone starts up. This will prevent multiple spawns of The Hand of Veeshan.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Servers that require membership will now be visible to all players regardless of membership status.
- Achievements that require you to have certain items will now properly check items stored in key rings.
- Many Gates of Discord zones now have load balancing enabled.
- The allowable distance for targeted emotes has been increased dramatically. Now you can /point at that aviak on the horizon like you've always wanted!
- Fixed a crash that could occur while the computer is locked with the client running.
- Removed unprintable characters from some Neighborhood names. These changes will only be visible if these names were chosen by your server.

*** UI ***

- The advanced loot window has a new setting, 'Show on new items only'. 
- - This will prevent the advanced loot window from popping up if an item drops that is already filtered.
- - This is off by default.
- - The window will always show if something is in your personal loot list.
- - For Master Looter, the window will still pop up unless you have already marked all of the items in the list as auto ask/roll.
- The reminders for claim items and veteran rewards displayed when logging in will now only display once per week and only for level 5 or higher characters.
- - Note: The ability to claim items and veteran rewards remains unchanged. These changes only impact the messages displayed when logging in.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the player name left-click context menu from working correctly if chat timestamps were enabled.
- Added the option 'missingSpells' to the /outputfile command.
- - Running this command will output a list of any spells usable by your class up to your current level that you haven't yet scribed in your spellbook.
- The Claim window will now display information about the highlighted claim. Generally this will describe where the claim came from. However, in a few cases the information will also indicate what servers the item can be claimed on, if that item has server restrictions.

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

- Classic monsters across Norrath, celebrate! In classic zones (Lost Dungeons of Norrath and earlier), many creatures have reverted to their classic appearance. This change affects the following models: werewolf, beetle, and gnoll.
- Fixed a potential zone crash in Skyshrine and Icewell Keep.
- Dirt Criminal Vakov will now count for the Hunter of The Temple of Droga achievement.
- Wandering low level NPCs in the western section of Everfrost will respawn much more quickly.
- Low level spawns have returned near the entrance to Neriak in Nektulos Forest.
- Fixed an issue that caused voting time-locked servers to start a vote to unlock Legacy of Ykesha instead of immediately unlocking it once Planes of Power's vote was successful.
- The population of Kithicor Forest will again transition between relatively high level undead at night and relatively low level non-undead during the day.
- The Reinforced Lair of Trakanon (Raid) - The debuff Ennui of the Dead has been temporarily replaced.
- The Reinforced Lair of Trakanon (Raid) - Fixed a bug that caused the chest at the end of the raid to not contain loot.
- Fixed a bug where the hotzone experience bonus would not work with global experience bonuses.
- Hardcore Heritage - Load balanced versions of Hardcore Heritage zones should change to or from the Hardcore version correctly when the Hardcore Heritage event activates or deactivates.
- Hardcore Heritage - The exits from Sebilis will now work correctly in the zone's Hardcore Heritage version.
- Hardcore Heritage - Trakanon will no longer spawn in the base Hardcore Heritage version of Sebilis.
- Hardcore Heritage - The Trakanon raid chest will be a bit easier to see and find and will no longer face away from the raid.
- Hardcore Heritage - The Trakanon raid success lockout has been reduced from 4.5 days to 2.5 days.
- Hardcore Heritage - The Trakanon raid should now clean up completely on success or failure.

- The EverQuest Team

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday June 20, 2017


  • Platinum amounts over 1 million should be displayed better.


  • Fixed an issue with proving grounds where loyalty points could be reset.

The Underdepths [Proving Ground]

  • Corrected an issue with damage variance on several Skyshrine Guardian and Skyshrine Infiltrator abilities that allowed them to hit for higher then intended amounts.


  • Treasure chests spawned upon completion of public quests are now larger.
  • You now have 10 minutes to claim your prize from the treasure chests that spawn after completion of Battlement Bound in Jarsath Wastes and Ill Omen in Kylong Plains.
  • You will now receive a reward called "Treasure Seeker's Sense" upon completion of a public quest that allows you to see that public quest's treasure chest for a limited time. It also adds a waypoint to the treasure chest.
  • The Ill Omen treasure chest now spawns somewhere along the lake's shore.

Vaedenmoor: Heart of Nightmares [Raid]

  • The Tormented Gatekeepers should no longer show up as a overmatched encounter.
  • Mercenaries are no longer allowed within the zone.
  • Corrected an issue where the Gatekeepers within the zone would show as broken encounters.
  • The minimum lockout for this zone has been reduced by a couple hours.
  • Corrected spawn locations for waking adds in the Terris-Thule encounter.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing the correct "Recognition" spell from being applied to all players.

Vaedenmoor: Realm of Despair [Raid]

  • Mercenaries are no longer allowed within the zone.
  • The teleporter that leads to Setri Lureth should no longer require ALL players to have unlocked it in order to function.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Elemental Unity to not display its damage effect, and to to not trigger unless you were in an Ascension Form.


  • Aerakyn can now complete the quest, "The Secret of the Stone," within The Moppet Shoppe.
  • A Mind of My Own - Yapsnarl kobolds are once again charmed by the bowl of Terratrodder chuck.


  • Assassin's may now examine the Blade of the Naya'Patel to create a Bow of the Naya'Patel.
  • Rangers's may now examine the Bow of the Naya'Patel to create a Blade of the Naya'Patel.
  • The Bow of the Naya'Patel and the Blade of the Naya'Patel now have a unique item group that will prevent them both from being equipped.
  • The Lovers' Gazebo can no longer be placed in the Proving Grounds.

EverQuest II
Moonlight Enchantment is Back

The monthly live event Moonlight Enchantments starts tonight! The grottos will open on the 20th at 12:01am PT and close on the 21st at 11:59pm PT. The time applies directly with no conversion to all servers.


Check out our Moonlight Enchantments guide and peek at the rewards!

EverQuest II
Fallen Gate - A Time-Locked Expansion Server

Are you ready to relive your epic journey in EverQuest II? Heed the call of adventure and return to the Isle of Refuge once again on the new Time-Locked Expansion Server! The Fallen Gate server is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

What’s New About Fallen Gate?

This will be a time-locked expansion server where expansions unlock automatically. In addition, Fallen Gate will have a new twist on Heritage Quests. Completing a Heritage Quest on this server will not only provide the quest reward – but an additional reward on EVERY server you play on.

All Races. All Classes.

Ever wanted to play a Beastlord or Channeler in classic EverQuest II? You can on Fallen Gate! All classes and races will be available when it launches!

Special Note: Players will still need the class/race features to play premium race and classes. Channeler and Beastlord Epics and certain class specific quests will only be available when the corresponding expansion content has unlocked on Fallen Gate.

Heritage Quest Focus

Completing Heritage Quests will award Achievements and unlock new claimable items.

For example, after you completed the Journeyman’s Boots Heritage Quest on Fallen Gate you’ll have a reward waiting for you for every character on your account on EVERY server.  You’ll be able to obtain a level 100 version of J-Boots on your regular play server, a level 90 version on Stormhold, and even a level 50 version for your Fallen Gate characters. Once you complete the Heritage Quest on Fallen Gate, these items can be purchased for free from a Heritage vendor located in Freeport and Qeynos.

Content Unlocks Every 12 Weeks

Players won’t vote to unlock content on Fallen Gate. Instead, every 12 weeks, expansion content will automatically unlock. Content that was released in between expansions will release 6 weeks after its corresponding expansion has released.

That means 12 weeks of classic EverQuest II, 12 weeks of Desert of Flames, 12 weeks of Kingdom of Sky, and so on. This also means GU and Adventure Pack content will release in between expansions. For example, 6 weeks after Echoes of Faydwer is released, you’ll have access to Fallen Dynasty.

All Access Membership Required

Like other progression and special ruleset servers, you’ll need an All Access Membership to access Fallen Gate. All Access also includes additional includes additional great benefits, like 10% off most Marketplace purchases, and a claimable 500DBC grant each month! For more details and to sign up for membership, visit www.daybreakgames.com/allaccess.


We’re excited to have you join us for the new Fallen Gate Time-Locked Expansion Server, starting on Tuesday, June 27, 2017!

EverQuest II
Double Loot Week!

If you haven't doubled on your Ascension scrolls and experience, today is your final opportunity!

More importantly however, tomorrow the bonuses continue with double loot in all Kunark Ascending dungeon and raid instances!

Starting at 12 AM PT (07:00 UTC) June 16th, until June 23rd at 12 AM (7:00 UTC) players will receive double loot from the following:

  • Kunark Ascending Solo Instance Bosses (final encounter)
  • Kunark Ascending Heroic Instance Bosses (final encounter)
  • All Raid bosses

Time to get your crew together and run some dungeons!