EverQuest II
It's the Final Week for Days of Summer Questing!

It's the final week for Days of Summer questing, Norrathians! Head on over to the Sundered Frontier to offer Yun Zi one last helping paw - you'll be scouring the seas for him this week. Completing Yun Zi's last quest will get you the Primus of Tol'Ren, an Acension Focus Rune: Ascendants Grace, a breastplate, the Days of Summer Decoration Pack #9, and the highly-coveted Mara Estate Home!

In order to complete this final quest, you'll have to make sure you've already finished all of Yun Zi's previous quests!


The Days of Summer will come to an end on Monday, October 2nd at 11:59PM PT. After this date passes, you will no longer be able to complete Yun Zi's quests. The ambling tradesbear himself will be sticking around past the end of summer, but make sure you've wrapped up all your summer questing before it's too late!


You'll want to move quickly, adventurer - summer will be ending soon!

EverQuest II
Update Notes: Tuesday September 26, 2017

The Clefts of Rujark

  • Corrected a bug that could prevent Rak'jallar from spawning.

The Gates of Ahket Aken

  • Corrected a bug that could prevent Ahk'Mun Rhoen, Malkonis D'Morte, Akh'Uzh Orus, and Amenophis Adofo from spawning.


  • The Price of the Crown - The stalking timber wolves now scale in challenge more appropriately.
  • The Price of the Crown - The stalking timber wolves no longer respawn immediately.


  • Rewards from the Beetle Herding questline in Sinking Sands now have stats appropriate to their level.

Vulak`Aerr and Fippy Darkpaw are merging!

We haven't seen this in a while, server merges!

On October 18, 2017 Vulak`Aerr server will be merging into the Fippy Darkpaw server.

To see details on this transaction, click here.

Also you should be seeing spell SPA slots up to 32 now on spells. I am working on other spell fixes such as the unknowns and other spell SPA information that isn't showing up like it should.

EverQuest II
Moonlight Enchantment is Back

The monthly live event Moonlight Enchantments starts tonight! The grottos will open on the 20th at 12:01am PT and close on the 21st at 11:59pm PT. The time applies directly with no conversion to all servers.

Check out our Moonlight Enchantments guide and peek at the rewards!

Incoming September Patch!

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 6:00 AM PT* for an update. Estimated downtime is approximately 6 hours.

Click Read More to see the update notes.

EverQuest II
Expansion Prelude Event: Strange Sensations

There have been whispers at both schools of magical theory – the Academy of Arcane Science and within the Concordium – that something has gone awry with magic. For the most part it, it functions as much as it always has, but there’s a difference with it that no one can quite put their finger on.

Experienced practitioners of the arcane don’t seem to be affected by the mysterious change, but those learning to wield magical energies are having a hard time controlling it. While nothing catastrophic has yet occurred, scholars are having a difficult time understanding what is causing the subtle change, and what the ramifications of this occurrence might be.

It will come to the adventurers of Norrath to help those scholars begin to piece together what is happening, and how it must be addressed. Heroes of all levels should expect a letter from one of the schools of magic, imploring them to lend some assistance to the researchers and see if they can get to the bottom of what is happening to the magic of Norrath.

All characters can participate in the prelude expansion event, as the quest requires no prerequisites. Those who complete the quest will be granted Mysteries of the Keeper, which will advance one of your Acension classes from level 10 to level 11 when consumed! 

Strange Sensations will be available up until the next EverQuest II expansion, Planes of Prophecy, launches this November.

EverQuest II
September 2017 Producer’s Letter

As posted by Mooncast on the forums, here is your producer's letter:

Greetings Citizens of Norrath!

When the air grows crisp and the leaves turn golden, it’s time for expansion season! (And… pumpkin pie!)

We’re thrilled to share our expansion announcement for our 14th expansion, EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy (That’s right, PoP)! This year we’ll embark on exciting adventures to the planes… and more! You’ll explore the perils and mysteries of the Plane of Magic, the Plane of Innovation, Solusek Ro's Tower, and the Plane of Disease, just to name a few. Are you ready? The planes await!

As you cross to the planes, you’ll encounter many obstacles, not the least of which is the mechanical sentinel in the Plane of Innovation, the Manaetic Behemoth!

There is much more to tell, but you’ll need to check back in October for more on expansion details, features, and information about pre-orders and beta. PoP is slated for launch this November! Until then, we hope you enjoy a series of in-game events leading up PoP to help you prepare for what lay ahead:

Don’t forget there are still 2 weeks left to go in our Days of Summer event! Be sure to go help out our bumbling tradesbear before he closes up shop! The final wave of summer Ethereals are live now too and will have drop rates tripled from September 29th to October 8th! We went ahead and added a couple of days onto Ethereals for extra fun!

Lastly, to help get ready for PoP we will be doing a Name Purge on October 17th, 2017. If a character hasn’t logged in to the game within the last 5 years it will have a letter appended to the end of its name. Any characters that had their name changed will be able to change their name one time using the slash command ‘/rename’. We hope this helps clear up some unused names! If you have an old character and want to keep the name then all you have to do is log that character in by October 16th, 2017!

As always, we’d like to thank all of you, our players, because you let us craft magical experiences for you! You’ll be hearing from us soon!